It's time to get peace of mind when you're buying a prenatal supplement.

When you join this Prenatal Supplement Course, you'll get everything you need to know about choosing the right prenatal supplement FOR YOU.

This course teaches you everything you need to know about prenatal supplements, from choosing the right one for your unique needs and your baby's needs, to understanding which nutrients are important and why!

Prenatal Vitamins Are A Great Way To Ensure You're Getting All The Nutrients You Need When You're Planning To Conceive & During Your Pregnancy

Prenatal Supplement Course

your investment: CA$27

You'll also receive the bonus section for Mens supplements and which nutrients help to support sperm and fertility health, helping you get pregnant & have a healthier pregnancy.


This is a 30 minute clarity call for me to tell you which prenatal supplements will set you up for a nourished and healthy pregnancy.

You'll have everything you need to know about prenatal supplements and have the perfect ones chosen for you to build up nutrients ready for a healthy pregnancy. 

You will receive personalized supplement recommendations, nutrition tips, and answers to questions about the best prenatal vitamins for your unique body.

Choosing the right prenatal supplement makes all the difference for your health, fertility and your pregnancy.

Prenatal Supplement Clarity Call

your investment: CA$67

receive two awesome bonuses after the prenatal Supplement Clarity Call.


The 21-Day Pregnancy Meal Plan

Ready to take your nutrition plan up a notch? The recipes in this meal plan will leave you feeling satisfied, nourished, and full of energy (and won’t break the bank, either).

21 day pregnancy meal plan


Get personalized, 1:1 nutrition coaching to feel your best during your pregnancy (and beyond).


Nutrition Services Covered With Insurance?

I'm pleased to announce that Manulife, iA Financial Group, GreenShield Canada, Equitable Life Insurance, ClaimSecure Inc. and Blue Cross Alberta recognize the services of NNCPs registered with the CANNP. 

Sunlife now offers some employers a Personal Spending Account within which
Nutrition Counselling is covered.

I am happy to provide you with a receipt that you can submit to your insurance company.

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