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Prenatal supplements are important before conception, but they’re also key during pregnancy.

Weight gain in pregnancy is a question that comes up frequently, with everyday worries about gaining too much weight, or not gaining enough, particularly if the first trimester is challenging with nausea, food aversions and cravings.

With caffeine being a stimulant that boosts energy and makes you feel more alert, is it any wonder that it’s consumed worldwide by so many? And because coffee and tea are two of the most popular sources, these are often the ones we talk about for their safety in pregnancy. Admittedly coffee is the most talked-about drink […]

Did you know that your dentist should be on your list of check-ups in pregnancy? With so much to think about and appointments to arrange, I know that this seems like just another thing to add to your “to-do” list, BUT, caring for your teeth and gums, is such an important part of having a […]

The third trimester is officially Weeks 28-40 in pregnancy, and this is when a few more changes start happening. Baby’s nutritional needs reach their peak during this time of rapid growth, so it’s important to take a final check on diet and supplements for these last few weeks leading into delivery AND postpartum. Protein and […]

I know that you’ve packed a lot of nutrients into your diet in the first trimester, so let me tell you that entering the second trimester is usually a much easier transition. The first few weeks of pregnancy throws a number of curve balls at you with food aversions, morning sickness, all day sickness, tiredness, and […]

If you love watermelon, you’ll be excited to hear that the nutritional benefits are even more delicious when you’re pregnant! It’s much more than just a pretty fruit because watermelon can help ease your heartburn, reduce pregnancy sickness and swelling, keep you hydrated because of it’s high water content, and help to build your healthy […]

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