Ready to take your nutrition plan up a notch? The recipes in this meal plan will leave you feeling satisfied, nourished, and full of energy (and won’t break the bank, either).

The 21 Day Pregnancy Meal Plan

with delicious, gut-friendly recipes that are fun and affordable for $27!​

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3 x 7 Day Meal Plans carefully developed by a certified pregnancy nutritionist

41 delicious, gut-friendly meals that are fun and affordable!​

Includes 3 bonuses -
- Prenatal Supplement Guide
- 25 tips to help manage your heartburn
- 17 ways to help you deal with morning sickness
- 42 energy-boosting, healthy snacks ideas for pregnancy and postpartum

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maddie, Sydney

"Vivienne 's meal plans have helped immensely with my nausea, vomiting and constipation. I am forever grateful for her and glad I discovered her as soon as I did."

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4 bonuses for $27

After spending 20 years as a midwife and a specialist public health nurse, I realized just how much conflicting pregnancy advice was out there…

And just how difficult it was for women like you to find reliable, research-backed information and make empowered decisions about their pregnancy nutrition.

I started my business to help busy mamas and mamas-to-be understand how to nourish their bodies… So that they could actually enjoy their pregnancy, instead of spending most of their nine months worrying about what they might be doing wrong

Hi! I'm Vivienne

A midwife-turned-holistic-nutritionist, mom of 2 wonderful children, and a lover of ripped jeans, Madonna songs, and impromptu kitchen dance parties.


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