Dental health during pregnancy

Did you know that your dentist should be on your list of check-ups in pregnancy?

With so much to think about and appointments to arrange, I know that this seems like just another thing to add to your “to-do” list, BUT, caring for your teeth and gums, is such an important part of having a healthy pregnancy.

This one’s often forgotten about, and a lot of mums-to-be may not even be aware of how important it is to keep on top of dental appointments, and teeth cleaning, as part of pregnancy care.


Why is it important?

A few reasons …⁣

  • Firstly, your hormones change SOooooo much in pregnancy, and this can affect your risk of gum disease. The research tells us that poor dental health can be linked to preterm delivery, or having a low birth-weight baby.⁣

  • Children of mums who have a lot of untreated cavities or tooth loss in pregnancy, may be more than 3 times more likely to have cavities as a child.

  • Another reason for taking care of your teeth and gums is because of “pregnancy sickness”⁣. Nausea and vomiting can expose your teeth to stomach acid, putting you at higher risk of tooth decay.⁣

As a nutritionist, I focus on food not teeth, but I really do like to share every bit of evidence based advice and recommendations with you, so that you can have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

Now hear from the experts, and check out the link below. It’ll give you great information pertaining to why dental health is important during pregnancy. For new mums, there are tips on how to keep your baby’s teeth healthy too ⁣❤️

⁣We know that it’s a myth when you hear all about “eating for two” in pregnancy, but it sounds like “brushing for two” may not be!

I’m curious to know if dental appointments, and oral hygiene were mentioned to you during your prenatal checkups?

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