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Hi! I'm Vivienne

Whether you're expecting or just thinking about conceiving, get ready to prepare for pregnancy with the best nutrition possible.

That's right, you read that correctly.

PRE-Pregnancy is the perfect time to start laying the foundations for both nutrition and your overall health in preparation for a healthy pregnancy.

Whether this is your first or your fourth baby, I want to help you prepare your body with these nutrition and lifestyle tips with a focus on gut health.

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It all starts PRE-pregnancy

Your pregnancy gets to be one of the most joyful experiences of your life.
Let me show you how.

Constipation. Heartburn. Morning sickness. These are just some of the pregnancy symptoms everybody told you were “normal”... But what if they didn’t have to be?

Before becoming a certified holistic nutritionist, I spent 20 years working as a midwife and a specialist public health nurse, helping women take their first steps into motherhood.

During that time, I noticed something interesting about the journeys of mothers around me.

While some seemed to “sail through” their pregnancy, others (including me!) struggled with a range of unpleasant symptoms like excessive morning sickness, constipation, and lack of energy.

The main difference between the two groups? Their nutrition.

Midwife-turned-pregnancy nutritionist, mom of 2, and a lover of impromptu kitchen dance parties.


Hi! I'm Vivienne

Daniella S.

“As a first-time mama to-be, connecting with Vivienne was the best decision I could have ever made. “

She is beyond knowledgeable and easy to talk to, and is always there with guidance, support, and encouragement.
With her guidance, I started fueling my body properly and felt like my personal best during my whole pregnancy. 

Kayla T.

“This was the quickest I have managed to fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans.”

Committing to working with Vivienne was an investment in myself that at first I felt a bit guilty about. 

But the knowledge and passion Vivienne has is amazing, and her philosophy about health has been just what I needed. 


“I felt fully prepared for when my baby arrived”

I struggled with my health after my first baby, and I knew the second time around I was going to need help. 

Having Vivienne by my side and guiding me this time around has been priceless. I felt fully prepared for when my baby arrived and I have never felt better.

kind words from past clients

You are worried about unnecessary weight gain during pregnancy (and the difficulty of losing it after)

You feel frustrated by doing all the pregnancy nutrition research alone

You can’t seem to get rid of the near-constant junk food cravings

You should definitely stick around if...

You don’t know where to find reliable, research-backed information about pregnancy nutrition

You are trying for a baby and want to know the very best way to nourish your body

You are dealing with heartburn, constipation, or morning sickness

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Just a friendly conversation with someone who has been exactly where you are.


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